DMG Toronto
Member Manual

While we welcome everyone to almost all of our events and our spaceā€¦

DMG is for people who belong to gender identity groups that are systemically marginalized in tech and game spaces. We center queer, genderqueer, nonbinary, femme people, Two Spirit people, and trans and cis women.

We strive to prioritize the experiences of Indigenous, Black, racialized and people of color , and give up space as part of our work towards redressing dispossession, oppression, settler colonialism and the living legacy of racism. We expect all of our members to do the same.

Read more about expected behaviour in our Code of Conduct section.

If these identities do not describe you, that doesn't mean you aren't welcome here! It just means that our time, effort, attention, and programming revolves around needs and interests that might not match your own. We hope you'll join as a friend, and look for ways your skills and experience can support our mission and our membership.

We know that the work of creating safer, more equitable spaces is work that will never be complete, and that we're not perfect. The language we use to describe our experiences are always changing, and we are always listening and learning. We are eager listen, learn and acknowledge shortcomings in order to maintain and defend the inclusivity of this community.

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If you think of something that is missing from this handbook, or a way we could improve it, please send us an email at, speak to an organizer, or issue a pull request on Github.