Festival Entry Fee Remuneration Policy

DMG will reimburse festival and exhibition entry fees up to $100 CAD per event. There is a yearly limit of $150 CAD per member.

This policy covers projects/games created by individual members or groups where all collaborators are members.

  • Members requesting reimbursement must have had an active DMG membership for the entirety of the immediately preceding 6 months, or have participated in a DMG intensive program.
  • Studios/incorporated businesses are not eligible.
  • Submissions may be reviewed by the board for appropriateness to the festival or exhibition’s call for submissions.
  • The board may deny reimbursement requests or waive any of the foregoing requirements at its sole discretion.
  • If the submission is a collaborative project, all contributors must consent to the submission.
  • Please acknowledge DMG in your materials (logo and/or text: "Support from DMG")

To submit your fee for reimbursement, email the following to membership@dmg.to:

  • Fee receipt
  • Submission information
  • Member ID #
Last revised: March 7, 2019