Livetweeting Guidelines

Thanks so much for volunteering your time and energy! This is a handy, at-a-glance guide to livetweeting a DMG event, including workshops, speakers socials, or showcases.

Accessing the DMG Twitter account:

The DMG official twitter account is @DMGToronto. You can log in via Buffer from either a laptop or mobile device. The password will be provided to you by the Community Promotion Committee in advance of the event you are livetweeting.

To effectively livetweet for DMG, we ask you to be an active and attentive participant at the event you are attending. We know this requires focus and skill, and appreciate it a lot!

Before the event:

  • Ensure that you can log into the DMG Twitter account from the platform you are working from.
  • Make sure you have access to a device that they can effectively tweet from. If you don’t have one, we can lend you one.
  • Have a quick chat with any speakers or presenters to get their Twitter handle, the correct spelling of their name, and their preferred pronouns, so you can tag and speak about them accurately and respectfully.
  • Speak to whoever is introducing the event to ensure that they inform everyone that the livetweet is taking place, and to encourage everyone in the room to use the chosen hashtag for the event. (The presenter may have a hashtag chosen, so check in with them first, but if there is no preference then the responsibility for choosing a hashtag falls to DMG).
  • Make sure that everyone in attendance is aware that the livetweet is taking place, and ask anyone who wishes to not be tagged, photographed, quoted or otherwise discusses on social media to make sure they flag this preference to you.

During the event:

  • Tweet about exciting happenings; great quotes (or quote summaries); or questions; as well as especially salient points during the event you are attending.
  • You don’t have to tweet every cool thing you see or hear, but one tweet every 10-15 minutes would be great! You do not have to quote a participant directly, summarizing what they are saying is fine.
  • While it is not mandatory, snapping a photo or two of the action is always appreciated! Just make sure that everyone is comfortable being photographed before you post anything.

    • Avoid photographing participants (for privacy reasons) and focus on the presenters whenever possible. You can also take screenshots of the workshop and post those.
  • Monitor the hashtag(s) chosen for the event, and retweet any content from other participants or attendees that you think is particularly funny, insightful, or otherwise deserves to be amplified.
  • Monitor the @DMGToronto notifications as well, and similarly retweet or respond to anything you think is relevant.
  • Have a great time! DMG events are rad.


Every DMG event or type of event will have a hashtag associated with it that we will ask you to use for all of the content that you put out, and encourage everyone else attending the workshop to use.

Some hashtags (such as #DMGwriting, #DMGVR, #DMGSpeakerSocial) are used for several different events, whereas others (#febfatale, #bitbazaar2017, #junicorn) are event-specific. You might find that there are some other hashtags that other folks are using that you might want to use as well, such as a conference hashtag or a discussion topic.

Sometimes, more than one hashtag is relevant (for example, you might be at a #bitbazaar2017 showcase and want to tag a #DMGVR game), so go ahead and use more than one, but just don’t let your tweets become too cluttered.

Voice and tone:

While we are not overly concerned about a consistent brand voice or anything like that, since you will be taking over the official DMG account, please keep in mind that you are tweeting on our behalf and to do your best to respect the trust we place in all the livetweeters behind the helm.

Our voice tends to be very positive and engaged, so bring your enthusiasm and attention to the role. Please be respectful and courteous to anyone you speak about or respond to.

A note about harassment:

Because of the world we live in, if you encounter any harassment, abuse or hate speech (or anything that makes you uncomfortable), please let the Community Promotion Committee know right away.

If you feel uncomfortable about any responses that you get, Make us aware of them. If you need to stop tweeting or otherwise step back from social media mid livetweet because of something that you encounter or a response that you get, please let us know and do so. Protecting yourself is more important that capturing a funny quote.

Questions or concerns:

If you have a question to ask, feedback to give, a concern to raise or just need a pep talk before or a debrief after your livetweet, get in touch with us any time!

Last revised: March 7, 2019