Members of the Corporation

According to Section 8 of the DMG Bylaws, there are three classes of members:

Class A

Any individual who chooses to identify themselves to the organization as belonging to a gender identity group that is marginalized in tech and game spaces.

Carry full voting rights

Class B

Any individual

Do not carry any voting rights


Do not carry any voting rights

Individuals may change their Class at any time through their DMG profile. No record is kept of changes to member class. No one except the member can see or change this information.

The conditions for maintaining membership are set out in Section 8 of the DMG Bylaws.


Admission to membership is at the discretion of the Board. Eligibility may be subject to criteria specified in the DMG Bylaws. At a minimum, the prospective member must:

  • Support the objectives of DMG
  • Agree to adhere to DMG’s policies
  • Complete the membership application procedure


DMG may terminate membership if the member violates any terms of the Membership Agreement. The procedure for termination and appeal is set out in the DMG Bylaws.

Members may terminate their own membership immediately or upon a future date by providing written notice to DMG.

Last revised: June 1, 2017