The Dames Making Games (“DMG”) Board Manual defines the role of the Board and how it will carry out its responsibilities. This and the By-Laws are DMG’s primary governing documents.

First drafted in 2012, the purpose of this document is to clarify the organization’s principles and goals, and define the roles and responsibilities of Board members as we aspire to fulfill our mission and vision.


Changes will be adopted through a majority vote of the Board at Board meetings. Proposed policy changes will be provided to Board members in advance of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken. Board-approved revisions will be tracked through a digital version control system.

Director Register

Current and past directors of the board.

The Board of Directors

Information about the responsibilities and role of of the board.

About DMG

An overview of our history, mission, and vision as an organization.

Officers' Roles

Information about the responsibilities and roles of directors.

Board Meetings

Information about board meetings


Information about classes and rights of members of the corporation.

Communication Policy

Information about DMG's communication policy.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Information about DMG's conflict of interest policy.

Finance Policy

Information about DMG's finance policy.

Governance Policy

Information about DMG's governance policy.
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