Sponsorship and Fundraising Policy

DMG affirms the position that core funding for arts programs remains the responsibility of various levels of government. We also believe the development of stronger links to the community, through sponsorship and fundraising, provides additional resources to enhance and build broader public support for arts programming. We are committed to fundraising based on ethical standards and within a socially responsible framework.

  • DMG will actively solicit and accept financial support from donors and sponsors who agree with this philosophy and whose organizational practices meet these standards.
  • DMG commits to managing responsibly the funds that donors entrust to us, and to report our financial affairs accurately and completely.
  • DMG is committed to responding to donor or prospective donor questions or concerns about fundraising activities promptly and fairly.
  • DMG supports a diversified and coordinated approach to funding and eschews competition for the good of the culture of DMG and the financial sustainability of its member organizations.
  • DMG commits to using appropriate resources for the benefit of DMG as a whole rather than individual members.
Last revised: June 1, 2017